Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Damn! she's coming into my PRIVATE Bedroom!

Holly Crap! I hate it so much! stranger came into my room,
F**k man!
oh Jesus Christ, im sorry cause i said some bad words
So, actually i don't know when she moved here and staying in my aunt's house
and the damn fact, she's stay and sleep in my room!
i don't know who is she, my aunt said that she's my cousin! but i don't know
what kind of cousin, cause i never saw her in my life! EVER!
even my aunt! she's just ever met this shit cousin ONCE!
aaargh man! DAMN!
I hate her so much!
She's so slowly and you know what???!!!!!!
she's wearing all of the things that i used!
like body lotion, shampoo, soap, lip balm, my style, my parfume, and even my deodorant!
she will do anything, just like THIS IS HER BEDROOM!
hey b***h where's your attitude!
and did you know guys?!
she's like to liying!
When i'm in my room, she's just coming and get in!
Never knock the door first! ME? you know what?! i want to get into my room!
and i knock my door FIRST!!
aargh, this my private room, i WON'T sharing my PRIVATE room with this STRANGER!
i'm asking you readers, if you were me, what should you do?

She's lived and stayed in my room i don't know maybe start from 9 months ago.
i've just wrote this cause, i already hate her, i don't know with whom
i'm gonna talk about this thing. Oh man, i can't get my private days again, i'm quiet sad you know.
when i need to be alone for a while she's just in my room, so i've been disturb for 9th months :'(
Sometimes she's always making my family members angry, she's so damn stupid,
always being the dumb hero! she's arrogant! and selfish!
and also lier, when she's talking, it's just like she know everything, but as you know
her words just dumb man! just trow it into the rubbish!
Hey Strange Cousin!
Welcome to Sarah's WORLD *evil style*

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