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Minggu, 01 April 2012

Yeah, it is April dude!

So, today I got 3 Victims. First best friend Ruri Kartika, my junior in school Gea yous, my cousin Bianda Nathania. Perhaps the story of Kartika and Gea Ruri yous do not need me to tell here, because it can be said is confidential heehehe. So just tell you about my cousin, at first I just wanted to make Bianda cry I do not have the heart to make him cry, Bianda had a hamster named Zeus gray, purchased on the 5th of February 2012, simultaneously with I bought hamsterku, Google and Wigle, Zeus fat-bodied,grey, round, he's lazy and he's male, bianda love Zeus, so I told her hamster died , he was shocked and her face is unbelievably sad I almost laughed out loud, and he said because of what slowly and moaning, and I can not bear to see her, and immediately I said, it's because Aprilmop, Bianda laughing, and suddenly bianda arrive directly asked me for shopping at Indomaret. So I thought okay, so we're shopping for a snack, then we go home. Here, I apologize to you guys, because I've tricked you all. Ruri, Gea, Bianda, hehe I find it hard to forget the look on your face, seriously, because your faces its rarely to show, so I apologize if you feel anxious before or something else, apologize profusely yes. I do not expect you guys believe me. Now i know and I feel you always believe me guys, thank you so much : D i won't let you guys are not believe in me anymore ;)

Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Seriously it is not important!

So, "Today i dont feel like doing anything, i just wanna lie in my bed" yeah that was bruno mars's song. that situation just like me, seriously, i need something new, i need to refresh my mind, -___-" because since 23th February i had a lot of things to do, but it is not fun and dont make me feel better, yeah since that day, every day just liiiiikkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suck day, there's nothing such a fun things and make me feel happy, aarrgggh why why and why? i dunno -,- i've just finished my UTS(Ujian Tengah Semester) on friday, so on tuesday i have to go to Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta!! yeah my school SMA 1, we're having study tour program, so we're going to those city and some university, i wish i have more fun things and i can refreshing my mind from those something old change into something new! So maybe after the study tour, im gonna write the story about my study tour, i wish i can enjoy my day, i wish we're okey, fine, there's nothing have a bad situation(AMEN) so byebye, see you, sorry this kinda' silly -,- and i wish we're okey SMA 1!!!!! we go there in a good condition and we're back to Jambi again, just on the same condition, yeah good condition like no one sick or something! (AMEN)