Selasa, 27 September 2011

What Day it is? Sh*t

What day it is? and  then what month, i felt all blue and black. I hate this daym i don't know why, i'm having badmood right now! This morning, when i go to school i'm late -__-" cause this blog and i must printed a picture, (Football uniform) eeerrrggghhh i hate it, and my dad's a little bit mad at me, and my cousin amanda late because of me too! i'm so sorry guys :( and in the efternoon, i went to my course Richmond, there's homework and i've been doing the homework but i don't know why, some of them were false 0,o Shit man! and stephen, my teacher just realized im different today. And also my aunt she's really fussy today, she's asked me to call Indovision's and she's even doesn't has their number! what a dumb o.o she's scold me man! ooh shit thats not my fault. it is?
And this damn laptop! what happend whit this! there's some virus! where are they come from?!
im so sorry today, i dont have any good mood! just Bad Mood! sometimes i feel calm when i saw HIM :)
hahahahahahahaha. HIM? do you know HIM? a-aaaa. you don't know HIM, see you next entri :* 
wish you read the next one and maybe someday you'll find or know about HIM hahahaha.!
and im so sorry in this entri there's  a lot bad word. 

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