Selasa, 27 September 2011

Six Bestfriend♥ (I don't know where is this name come from hihi)

I have 5 Best Friends, some of us meet in junior high school and some of us just meet in senior high school!

1. Ruri Kartika (Uik) = She's also my classmate and my chairmate(XI.IPS.1), i love her also. Uik loved to make her friends jealous :p
                                   She's also an energetic girls, and hahaha yeah, she's quiet unique too, cause .. her condition is depend on her
                                   mood or when she's got stressed she's start to got an ill. first time i saw uik, when im doing some test to enter
                                   my new senior high school, i just think that uik is strange -,- (sorry honey) and her eyes! i was scared when i look
                                   at her eyes haha, and she's in a bad condition when we do that test. And after i did some test that thanks God
                                   i passed the test, when i come into my new class(XF) i saw her and i was surprised. Before we knew each other,
                                   i seat with Claritha Anggi, she's my friend from junior high school. 
                                   Me and Anggi were talking about Uik cause she's always staring out us. But i don't even know, now we're best
                                  friend and we love to do some crazy things with each other.
2. Enno Amartiwi (ENYO) = i've just meet this lovely and childish girl, her childishness always making me laugh and we love to hugging and
                                            kissing(just cheek) each other. She's also give me some carresingly, and she's cheerful girl too, and she's like
                                            to make me feel embarrased and happy, because she's always give me some approbation. 
                                            And we like to walked together after scool because our house quiet near from the school.
3. Clarissa Anjani Putri(Rissa) =  We already know each other since i was in the first junior high school, cause we're in the same school 
                                                   but we're not a close friend. But now we're Six Bestfriend hell yeaah !!! hahaha. Rissa is a obdurate girl,
                                                   when we give some advice or sometimes we're counseled her, she's never want to hear it SERIOUSLY
                                                   She's quiet girly and feminine. And rissa wanna be a doctor haham she's loved to imagine something.
                                                  She's little bit sobbed sister. But i love her still hhehe
4. Yoan Silvi Aulia(Oan) = This Girl? heeeeem, hihihihi i just can't stop laughing! she's so funny and she's also crazy -,-
                                          Oan also like Eno, Childish, but both of them having the different of childish (?) Oan love rap music,
                                          and she's a little bit obdurate like rissa too! but that's okay haha.
5. Aruqmaana Rasyid(Aruq) = Aruq such a busy girl, but we also missed her cause she's little bit difficult to go out with us, yeah we
                                                 Understand that she's nusy but we really want having some times with her :') And sometimes i feel
                                                 confused but thats okey honey :* keep goin and keep spirit we always supporting you. She's also leisurely

So, i think just this from me about six best friend. Thats not including me haha.! Okay my Best friend i just want that we're always together, I LOVE you Gurls SO MUCH :* xoxo!
i'll never forget you hahaha! as you know readers, we always do some crazy things
and you maybe just laugh when you read this, i dont really clever in writting a blog
like this, so im so sorry if i do some mistaken.
but i want you to wait my new entri
we will meet again.
If there any quiestion about our six best friend
just Send me an e-mail or comment this entri okaay??!
maybe i'll telling you and answer your question as soon as possible. Sometimes i think that we're a Character from a story.
hahaha, udah deh ya makin malam makin ga nyambung ntar, aku ngantuk banget, sekali lagi maksih banyaak dan salam sejahtera yaa :*
hihihihihihihihi I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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