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Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

My dear, went away

My relationship started on 27th January 2012 and it is ended on 23th February 2012.
HOW?  I don't know exactly! Hendri Pondaga Septahadi decided to separated,
so, i just say yes. i can't make him stay. I want him to tell the reason, but he just say
"Maybe we are not suitable anymore" those words, sounds strange for me.
because, there's nothing happen, we're not fighting, we're fine. yeah maybe because i mad
at him in the afternoon on that day, i went to his school pensi and im alone, my friends are go,
so i ask him to sit beside me, im afraid, im alone, i dont know anyone there, but he didn't want 
im waiting for a couple hours, i sent some messages to my aunt,mycousin,myfriends,and k'andes,
and also i call them with hendri and ferry, but they didnt answer my phone, my tears came out.
i called k'andes and you know just k'andes replied my message and answered my phone, and i asked
him to picked me up, im waiting for him, and here he's come, he dropped me home. And i sent some message to Hendri, yeah we're fighting, and also hendri's friend ferry he promised me won't let me alone there but he
left me, i sent message to him, i hate you, you left me, and he sent some message just say, im sorry im sorry im sorry, he went to wtc to have lunch, he left his phone in the car. i just say okey.
and while im in my house i prepare to go to my english course, i've just sent bbm to hendri but he replied
with short words. so after i go back from richmond(course) i went to my friend's house, siti maidina, and
i tell her about my situation, and suddenly i've got bbm from hendri.
H: "so, how is our relationship?"
M: "what? pardon me?"
H: " i want we to ended this relationship."
M: "why?"
H: "maybe we are not suitable anymore"
M: "tell me the real reason, you don't love me anymore?"
H: "i want to ended this relationship!! maybe."
M: "Okey!! do not need to mad at me like that!"
H: "Okey okey"
M: "thanks for everything, thanks for completing my heart, im sorry
       if i made some mistake."
H: "okey you're welcome. me too."

So tha was my story, siti maidina and me have some conversation and after that i went
back home, suddenly i dropped my tears. and i asked k'andes what should i do, he said
to me if you love him, get him go back, if you're not just let him go, his not a gentleman,
because he's made a decision just because his emotional.
I'm to stupid, because i still love him, because i want go back have a relationship with him, even some of his and my friends said something, but i do, i really love you, all of those moments,
all of those words that came out from your mouth, all of those voice note,
everything, everything just came into my heart and hard to let it go.
You make my days change, different, you are different.

But i try to let you go :")

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