Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

My 17

So, let's start about my 17th birthday.
Actually, my birthday is on 19th February, so it was a couple day ago.
yeah, i'd like to say thanks to my Jesus because i can live and life(haha) in this world
i'd like to say thanks to my mom, im here and i am a big girl now because of her too and also
my daddy, who's always protect me and help mom to make me such a good girl and big girl.
And my brothers (irvan&chris) and my sister(ingrid) thanks for the greetings and ypur pray :*
My dear boyfriend (Hendri Pondaga Septahadi) for the surprise and the gift :* you, even you
are too shy to made it but i really appreciate it bebeh, hahaa :D you woke up in the morning on
Sunday(he never waking up early on sunday) and you gave it to me in a hot 2.00 :D thanks bebeh
i love you so much.
and also Wira Andesman & Hendri Pondaga Septahadi, those two man the first one who say
Happy Birthday to me :) thanks a lot.
and also my friend, my family. i love you so much guys!!!!
and my classmate all of you! give me the cake too! thanks a lot :*
and thanks for the present my cousin(Sri) and also my room mate,
and Siti Maidina too!
and my Bestfriends (Clarissa,Alan,Ruri,Yoan,Enno,Yosi) who give the surprise too!
i'm sorry guys, all off you got a problem on the way because all of you wanna give me the surprise,
i'd really like to say thanks for all of you, i love you all! thanks for the presents, thanks for the cakes,thanks for the greetings,thanks for the surprises, thanks for the prays that all of you sent to me :')
Although my mom and dad are far away from me, you guys fill my day :* always beside me, thanks, thanks a lot! Jesus, i love all of those people, please im begging to You, don't make me lost them, i do not want to be separated with them, because i really love them, like i love my self, and of course I LOVE YOU TOO JESUS. AMEN!!
Thanks God that i have all of them, really greatful. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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